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Product name:JOINT FIX PARTS

Product dimensions:

Quantity: 1 pieces
Specifications: a total of 6 kinds of size, the specific view of the description



Rubber joints of the joints, generally used for BJD joints, can not slip, easy to move the joints, enhance the mobility and independence of the Doll, and can play a role in reducing the wear of the joints.

                    Outside diameter        inside diameter               Thickness

XXL                      4.5CM                            1CM                                  2mm

XL                        3.5CM                            1CM                                 2mm

L                           2.5CM                            1CM                               1.5mm

M                            2CM                              0.5CM                            1mm

S                          1.5CM                             0.5CM                             1mm

XS                          1CM                              0.5CM                             0.5mm

Using method:The time to assemble, the joints are put on the pad, and the pad is in the middle of the two joint. Different sizes of different joints, so to match the different size of the pad

PS: because the pad is easy to stick to the dust, so the goods are likely to be sticky to a little dust, it may feel a little sticky hands, mind, please take care of. Dust can be washed with water.



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