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Feir Studio-Chili Chili

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Goods Brief:

 Items Name:Feir Studio-Chili Chili


High (Contains the head): 17.5 cm
Head size: 16.5 cm
Neck circumference: 4.2 cm
Shoulder width:11 cm
Arm circumference: 2cm
Thigh circumference: 4.6 cm
Feet length:  2.2 cm
Eye size: 14MM

Instagram: phil_in_phil
Final interpretation is owned by Feir Studio

Overall price:None Make-up $250 (suntan Skin+ $20) /With Make-up +$35

Skin color option: suntan Skin/Normal Skin


Includes items: ChiliChili,  a box for ChiliChili , without blanket, Acryliceye (random), wig, certificate


* The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.

* The  make up, outfits are not including.

* If you don't click the makeup option when you order our dolls, you can order them without make up.

* It can be shipped within 60 business days.With make-up within 80 working days by

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